Who wants to start a revolution?

A 4 Non Blondes song and opportunities

  • I heard the song “What’s up?” by 4 Non Blondes again recently
  • I always find it interesting how I can listen to a song many times and know most of the words, yet suddenly the lyrics either take on new meaning or I hear something for the first time
  • I’ve always liked this song (and was surprised to hear that it made VH1’s listing for “Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever”) and know most of the words, but the part that stuck out for me was the line “I pray every single day for a revolution
  • This line follows with the bits of frustration, angst, and uncertainty throughout the song, but also resonated with me when I look at the state of society today
  • I’m eternally optimistic (so will put a positive spin on this!) and see a huge potential in the world today for people, especially young people, to start a revolution and break free from the dampened status quo by standing for something positive and making a difference
  • Too many young people are just treading water in the stagnant pool of selfishness and discontent

Practically speaking

  • Your revolution doesn’t have to be grandiose, but the key is to actually starting one
  • I’m confident that once your revolution gets traction, it will have a snowball effect within you and you’ll crave more
  • Here are a few random ideas that barely scrape the surface in terms of potential revolutions:
    • Volunteer for a local charity, coach a sport, donate money to a community group, don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer (be creative), go beyond what is expected, speak to youth groups about their future, smile a lot (this is powerful!), start an organization that provides job search tools to the homeless, go out of your way to help someone in need (especially a stranger), etc

The beauty of it

  • The beauty of the situation is that society is already on your side
    • If you choose to grumble and gripe about your life and how you deserve more, there are plenty of people who will sympathize with you
    • However, society is more than ever is craving fresh ideas and initiatives to empower people and bolster positive change
      • Standing up for something that promotes positive vibes and goodwill will undoubtedly attract attention and support
  • The second route may be a little more work than just sitting back and complaining, but it is certainly more rewarding and rich
  • And who doesn’t want to experience reward and richness?

Instead of praying for a revolution, lets start one.

One thought on “Who wants to start a revolution?

  1. This is undoubtedly my favorite of your blogs!

    With all the negative things going on in the world it’s too easy to just fall in line with all the people that are complaining about it. Your positive enthusiasm is infectious and the world would be a much better place if more people were thinking along these lines.