The texture of blueberries

Meditation and our miraculous minds

  • I just finished meditating, using a hybrid technique that combines my own method and the one I learned recently from Brian Ruhe, a former Buddhist monk
  • The mind is a truly wonderful and complex thing and I quite like mine, however my mind does seem to be in a high-speed mode most of the time
  • This is great as my mind is constantly generating new ideas (some even quite interesting), but it doesn’t seem to want to calm down and relax much
  • Which is interesting as I see myself as a fairly laid back person, however calming my mind sometimes seems to require the supernatural
  • Meditation works very well for me in this regard, although it did initially take a conscious effort to make time to actually do it
  • I often come out of meditation sessions in an fabulous ‘sensuous state’; Obviously difficult to describe in words, but a state where everything seems to have slowed down and thus you can’t help but appreciate everything around you (whether it be a beautiful sunrise over the mountains or the texture and character a single blueberry)
  • It is this state that is often overlooked and lost in our daily activities as we are regularly bombarded with images and feelings and a frantic pace

Recurring theme of a positive mental state

  • I get a lot of newsletters on coaching, self-help, marketing, and small business
  • The recurring theme from most is the importance of cultivating a positive mental state and its importance in achieving greater success
  • Far too many people focus far too little attention on this highly important component of their life (Many never even appreciate ‘down time’ and feel the need to always be busy)
  • Those who spend time regularly focusing on their mental state (it can get addictive!) and successfully infuse it with positivity will excel in what they do (both professionally and personally)
  • There are many books on positive thinking and this is because it is incredibly powerful how you can grow a business bigger than you ever believed or have amazingly loving and supportive relationships simply by ‘training’ your mind to be more positive

The habitual good news

  • Its not difficult to grab the big wheel and steer your mind to a course of true positivity
  • I love deep intellectually stimulating conversations, but I also know that its much easier to put into action things that are simple rather than things that are complex
  • The ‘habit’ is a powerful thing, yet relatively simple
  • Everyone has a combination of good and bad habits and they constantly influence their lives consciously and subconsciously
  • Most people have heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit
  • I believe it takes considerably less time and the cool part is in the progress along the way
  • It is easy to see the small increments of progress and its the progress itself that is encouraging and rewarding (whether it be running a little further than last time, starting to catch yourself as youre about to gossip passing on eating one more piece of chocolate, etc)
  • Making a habit out of consciously addressing and enhancing your subconscious mind is definitely powerful and relatively easy to do with some motivation and focus

Practically speaking

  • A few simple things (there are many more) you can do to begin empowering your mind are:
  • Meditate to relax and focus and dream (Attend classes or just make free time for yourself with no distractions and let your mind slow down and enjoy)
  • Make a list of your habits (Praise the positive and have them influence other areas of your life; Acknowledge the negative and look at ways to unlearn them)
  • Consciously slow yourself down and do things you love doing but don’t do enough (Make time to take a walk, have a bath, write a poem, play with your kids, etc); And during these times, appreciate all that is around you (e.g. the smell of the flowers, the peacefulness of the bath, the dancing shadows created by candles (one of my favorite), your child’s innocence, the breeze through the trees)
  • If youre interested in going deeper in this area and making significant positive changes to your life (that aren’t difficult to do), contact me to see how we can accelerate the positive together
  • Either way, the results will likely surprise you and youll probably laugh at how easy it is to not only be more positive, but see it actually impact your life