The scandalous disappearance

Where did you go?

  • Its already the end of December and almost 2007
  • Nearly 7 years have already passed since the big millennium New Years Eve in 1999
  • Incredibly, its been over 20 years since the 80s, that pioneering period that brought us icons like the Rubik’s Cube, the Swatch watch, Pac-Man, CNN, and Hypercolor t-shirts
  • Time, one of our most precious commodities, seems to continue to accelerate each day and often has us wondering where our life has gone

Success, yes please

  • Who doesn’t like success?
    • Whether it be recognition (author of a life-changing book), huge wealth (Warren Buffett-style), respect, an opportunity to impact others (Wouldn’t coaching the next Wayne Gretzky be cool?!), honor, genuine happiness (raising 3 wonderful children); Most everyone wants more of what they like
  • Success and time are inter-related
  • There are very few people out there who think they have enough time to do everything they want
  • So maximize your limited time and in turn reward yourself with success
  • It’s the time of year again for the dreaded, sometimes loved, but often abandoned New Years resolutions
  • Ignoring the few that simply get lucky, its most often the people who embrace resolutions, goals, dreams, and visions that are the ones who become most successful

Practically speaking

  • We will always yearn for more time so don’t allow yourself to get to the point when you’re in your 70s and sitting on your front porch in your rocking chair reflecting on your life and recounting all the things you would have liked to have done
  • Rather than complain that we can never get everything done, embrace the time you have and maximize it, as it will empower you and others to lead richer lives (jump out of bed in the morning, write the book you’ve always wanted to, start the business you’ve always dreamed of)
  • Discover how you personally best use your time; Is it implementing schedules and rewards because you flourish under structure; Or working late at night because you’re most focused when its quiet; Or devoting some free time to a charity organization because that energizes you more than anything else
  • Discover how you work best and build it into your subconscious by creating positive habits through repetition
  • My challenge to you
    • Use this dawn of a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start
    • Identify 3 things that you would say you’ve “put off for too long now” (e.g. painting the house, writing a book, finishing your business plan, cutting your hair, etc)
    • Pick one and commit to doing it
    • Reinforce it and hold yourself accountable by
      • Committing to your partner, spouse, child, or a coach
      • Writing a short newspaper article about your success after completing this one thing
        • What were the benefits?
        • Who did it impact?
        • How did you feel when you finished it?
        • What are you now inspired to do?
    • And then tell me about it; Send me an email telling me what the one thing is, when you’re going to do it (and your goal to finish it), and/or how it felt to actually finish it (triumph, drain, inspiration, etc)
  • People like to be good at things and reap the benefits and rewards of success
  • Don’t just be mediocre in your life; Make 2007 your year of incredible success and happiness; The year you look back on when you’re in your 70s sitting in that rocking chair and say “Wow, 2007 was the year my life really began!

2 thoughts on “The scandalous disappearance

  1. hmmm … what have i put off for too long? the next question that comes up is, what have i put off for too long and would be really annoyed if i never ended up doing? and/or: what have i put off for too long and can actually reasonably do this year?

    you know – and you’re gonna laugh, maybe: it’s getting that darn freezer. many years ago i wanted to get a freezer so that i could easily stock up on organic meat and/or meat from animals who lived a reasonably good life before they died so that i can eat them (yup, let’s be pretty clear about that).

    we had a freezer for a while, and it died. someone offered to give us a freezer, and i still haven’t gotten around to getting it.

    so that’s my resolution. i’m gonna publicize it at and make sure hears about it, too!


  2. Keith says:

    Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.

    — Buddha

    I appreciate your words of wisdom. All the best for a “successful” 2007 🙂