For _____’s sake, Believe!


  • I was just in Orlando, Florida for a bit of a holiday but also went to a great event called Promise Keepers
  • This was my third time attending this event and it was definitely the best of the three (I didn’t attend the ‘Stand in the Gap’ event in Washington, DC in 1997 where one million men gathered on the National Mall; Which I’m sure was incredible)

  • Now before I go on, I’m going to make an effort (albeit small) to lay a bit of groundwork around the topic of religion
    • I am a Christian with a strong faith in God that underlies all that I do
    • That being said, I fully respect and honor the beliefs of others and am often inspired and encouraged by the beliefs of others
    • ‘Religion’ to me however is basically a set of rules (do’s and don’ts) that I really don’t subscribe to anyway
    • My faith is in God and I take my strength from him and him only (I shy away from religion legalism), however the best part of this faith is the incredible inspiration and strength and power that comes from believing

About that passion

  • Now back to Promise Keepers; This is the 17th year of the event held in multiple American and Canadian cities each summer
  • It is a combination of powerful speakers and uplifting music over a 2-day period that seeks to ignite and unite men to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ through the effective communication of seven promises to God, their fellow men, family, church, and the world
  • Now before you cringe at the name Jesus Christ or close this window, hear me out; Although this event is a Christian event and all about serving God, its just as much about passionately living up to your role as a man and serving your wife, your children, your family, your colleagues, your staff, and everyone else you come into contact within your every day life
  • I would recommend this event to anyone with or without religious affiliation, because its underlying message is about believing and then embracing those beliefs, regardless of your religious background
  • So believe what you would like (honestly, I’m not going to preach to you), but believe in something – seriously!
  • Through my coaching business I see an astonishing number of men and women who are simply coasting along in life and without any real passion; They get bursts of interest here and there, but they are basically just taking life as it comes at them
  • I’m not criticizing this approach to life, but I am asking the question, “Are you content to just let life happen to you?!”
  • Now many people will shrug and say ‘yes’ and give some weak reasons as to why their life is fulfilling enough, but you don’t see passion in their eyes or hear passion in their voice
  • I love management guru Tom Peters (see for a clip from a presentation on passion) because he provides great insight and is very much to the point; The majority of his work is about business, but a great deal of it can definitely be applied to our personal lives as well; After listening to him I come away inspired to embrace my beliefs (and/or rethink some of them), but regardless, I am energized to lead a rich life

Warrior accountability

  • I came away from Promise Keepers with a renewed passion for my life, both professionally and personally, with the simple vision of embracing and serving others to be the best they can be
  • One of the speakers at this years event was the comedian Brad Stine who was seriously funny and engaging and talked on the topic of political correctness as well as the ‘wussification’ of America
    • Men are meant to be warriors, but also meant to make mistakes and learn from these mistakes (something I am preaching all the time!)
    • Don’t give in to society’s pressures and persuasions; Resist the desire to be politically correct and embrace the things we now distract us from a life of passion and love

  • Dan Seaborn was the final speaker at the event and his message revolved around marriage and how the candle of our relationships is constantly at risk of being snuffed out
    • To the 7,000 men in attendance he stated it was the man’s responsibility to resist society’s external and abundant negative forces and live passionately for that relationship
    • Both Dan and Joseph Garlington emphasized the need for accountability in each of our lives to help us stay on course and in line with our values; They suggested building accountability into a relationship with another man who is non-judgmental, a good listener, has a good sense of humor and will support you during difficult times (Accountability is fundamental to coaching and even the best of us experience times of difficulty, doubt, and distraction, among other things, where that trusted accountability partner can step in and help us stay the course and embrace our beliefs)
  • Now some fellow coaches may be somewhat critical of my comments here stating that talking about such personal issues (love, passion, and marriage, etc) isn’t professional
  • But I’m sure most would agree that if we (man or woman) suffer as a result of a weak relationship or lack of passion, we’re not going to be performing at our best (either professionally or personally), and that dismissing or diminishing these ‘personal’ issues is not the best approach to ensure we live our best life possible

Practically speaking

  • Embrace your beliefs – whatever they are
  • If you got none (intentional slang), get some and start embracing them; You might just be amazed at how it changes your life for the better (More clarity, purpose, passion, life, and so many other positive things)
  • As an individual, I have been transformed significantly (especially over the past few years), and this is largely due to embracing passion in 3 areas of my life
    • My coaching career (an incredibly rewarding job due to its direct positive impact on people),
    • My faith (having something to believe in and embracing those beliefs wholeheartedly), and
    • My relationship (being an active participant in a partnership that is so rich with love, encouragement, and a common and passionate desire to serve others)
  • The result of these things has made me more passionate than ever and the desire to serve others selflessly is so incredibly more powerful than anything else I’ve experienced to date
  • Tip: Try serving others before yourself; Its phenomenally more rewarding