Larger than life

Euro boost

  • Roberta and I were in Europe in June and had a fantastic trip; We stayed with friends and family in a few cities and saw some new places we hadn’t been to before (For something unique and amazing, go to Matera and The Sassi in the south of Italy)
  • I’ve traveled quite a bit in Europe and love the history, the culture, and the people
  • Aside from the monuments and fine food, I love the people; I love how Europeans really live life and are passionate about their culture, their wine, and their pleasure
  • Please excuse my grand generalizations, but too many North Americans are too caught up in their big houses, glamorous careers, and flashy cars
  • Europeans to me (and maybe its that they’ve been around a lot longer and are more experienced), know how to enjoy life and live it with soul, especially those near the Mediterranean
  • Even the Brits can relax at times(!) I miss the Friday afternoons where people with pints are spilling out of pubs onto the streets in the sunshine (We sat at Borough Market on a Friday afternoon and I loved the way that cars politely dodged the outdoor pub patrons; While in Canada a policeman would promptly be on hand should a customer step outside the door with a beer)
  • I drove (a thankfully small car) on the Amalfi Coast in Italy which was exhilarating, while the regular negotiation of steep curves and narrow space between vehicles gave me a definite rush
  • Throughout the trip we met so many seriously generous people; People that selflessly and genuinely offered us accommodation, vehicles, time, and gifts, just because they understood how giving just feels so good

Mr Enthusiastic

  • I came back from the trip inspired; Inspired to be even more enthusiastic about my life and everything I’ve been blessed with
  • Here I am quoting Dale Carnegie again and his statement of how enthusiasm is the little known secret of success
  • I just can’t agree more and I love how this continues to get reinforced on an almost daily basis
  • Successful people are enthusiastic and their enthusiasm is usually infectious, which in turn draws more enthusiastic and driven people in (There’s that ripple effect again)
    • One of my business heroes, Sir Richard Branson, definitely lives life enthusiastically; He is enthusiastic about life and combating mediocre service with his varied businesses
    • Dean Moriarty, a main character in Jack Kerouac’s book ‘On the Road’, did have a number of issues going on, but he had a passion and genuine desire to embrace life
  • The one common characteristic of all the people I really admire is that they are all simply enthusiastic
  • They come from different cultures, cover a wide spectrum of monetary wealth, but their enthusiasm is so part of who they are, that you can’t help admiring it

Give me space, man

  • As complex and as powerful as the human mind is, we’re ‘driving’ it with limited abilities (Oh to tap into our full brain capacity…)
  • As a result, we’ve only got a limited bandwidth to utilize and therefore thoughts and ideas crowd out other thoughts and ideas
    • Polite suggestion: Avoid negativity because it is straight-up limiting your positivity
    • Any time spent criticizing our colleague, condemning a law, or complaining about our job, is automatically time lost that could have been used to do or say something positive (And we all know how little time we all have)

Practically speaking

  • Ask yourself, Am I enthusiastic enough? (If you answer yes, think harder(!) and make a conscious effort to replace negative thoughts/comments/ideas (however small) with positive ones; This is a powerful yet simple tip to jack up your enthusiasm and your life)
  • Study Dale Carnegie’s idea that enthusiasm is the little known secret of success (Especially if you feel you’re not being particularly successful at the moment)
  • Think about the most enthusiastic person you know and ring them up
  • Stop talking about all the things you want, and go out and get it