Good news

  • The Internet is great for many things and the vast access to news sources is to me one of the best (except if you’re in China)
  • And using an RSS reader makes it that much easier
  • I ended my subscription in December to a national newspaper print edition because I just wasn’t finding enough interesting articles (I also like the fact that I’m now a little more ‘green’)
  • Seth Godin has been pretty vocal about the upcoming disappearance of newspapers
  • One thing that web-based news provides that a paper-based newspaper will never be able to do is include real-time comments from readers
  • Its often these comments that I find quite interesting, often more interesting than the article itself (The more controversial the article, the more comments)

No comment

  • One thing though that has stood out for me lately is the at times large volume of negative comments
  • Check out most articles relating to the Vancouver Olympics (especially the Globe & Mail reporting on the financing issues related to the athlete’s village) to see what I’m talking about
  • OK so the Olympics can often be a fairly controversial topic for a variety of reasons, but even YouTube has a surprisingly large number of videos with numerous negative comments

Criticize vs contribute

  • So members of the traditional newspaper industry may have reason to not be so positive, but what about the rest of us?
  • I agree that the news we getting on the current state of the economy is not overly optimistic, but if you dig a little for it (move away from your traditional news providers, sir) there is quite a bit of positive energy and ideas flowing from organizations that accept the current situation and seek innovative ways and solutions to move forward
  • Here are a few random examples (all available via RSS):

The 2 step

  • So my question is, why so negative?
  • Negativity didn’t just rear its head again in September 08 when the economy really started to deteriorate
  • In coaching circles, the theme that usually comes up is ‘purpose’ (and lack of it)
  • It can be an airy-fairy concept for many, but I believe there is considerably more truth to it than many allow
  • If you step back and assess your own situation, you may get a glimpse of where you’re at
  • Ask yourself these 2 questions:
    • Why am I here?
    • What excites me about my daily life?
  • If you struggle here, you are likely lacking some clarity around your purpose, and how to live out your purpose
  • But don’t fret because you’re not without purpose, you just need to discover it (and then harness it)
  • And then you need to admire how nicely things will fall into place in your life (and those around you)