Experience = Positivity

Driving directions

  • Recall the last time you drove to a place you hadn’t been to before without using GPS
  • Even with driving directions in hand, you probably drove a little slower than normal
  • You probably re-checked your directions a few times while on route
  • And you may have thought for a moment that you should have already arrived at a certain street or passed a certain landmark by now
  • If you’ve since made a second trip to that destination, especially not too long after the first trip, you probably ditched the map, puffed out your chest, and drove on confidently at a greater speed
  • Why is that?
    • Well the obvious answer is that you’re now experienced in driving that particular route
  • Experience is simply gaining knowledge of something through participation or action
  • Experience brings confidence
  • What does confidence bring?
  • It often brings things like:
    • Motivation
    • Aspiration
    • Joy
    • A desire to serve
    • And many other things (all positive, by the way)

The simple equation

  • So if experience (whether it be successfully arriving at a destination, becoming an expert in your industry, traveling abroad, or stepping out of your comfort zone) will bring about positive feelings and desires within you, why not commit yourself to getting out and experiencing life more and living richly?