The 3 key untaught skills


  • There are three key untaught skills in life
  • Successful people typically learn and excel at these skills, many early on in life
  • Its a pity that these key skills are not formally taught in schools (Some teachers do recognize the benefits and incorporate elements of them, but there isn’t much in the way of formal training, and its short-sighted to not incorporate it)
  • It would be highly effective to get exposure at an earlier age so we can then fine-tune these skills throughout life

The first key skill: To fail

  • Numerous successful people claim that failing allowed them to get to the level of success that they ultimately achieved
  • From Abraham Lincoln to Richard Branson, there are examples from all walks of life
  • It is failure that builds character, tests resolve, and most of all, facilitates learning
  • Practice is key to success (as I tend to harp on)
  • The expression ‘Practice makes perfect’ is certainly true and is a catchy phrase, but doesn’t acknowledge the often significant amount of practice that is actually required
  • (You must also have a passion for what you’re doing in order to really excel and achieve success, however its measured)
  • Failing in today’s world has quite a significant negative connotation which is very unfortunate
  • Kids should be encouraged in all areas of life to try new things; And not discouraged or reprimanded
  • There are too many opportunities to give up and be ok with it
  • I’ve met too many adults that are afraid to try new things, to pursue their dreams, and hold back in life which robs them from true freedom and joy

Your enemy

  • Time is not on your side
  • We inherently become more risk averse as we age
  • So there is an even greater importance to try, fail, and learn at an early age so we’re not fearful of this process and it becomes part of who we are
  • The expression ‘you can’t teach a dog new tricks’ isn’t entirely correct, however it is certainly difficult to learn and excel as you get older

Practically speaking

  • Think back to a time when you were fearful of trying something new
  • But you either did it anyway (or had no choice), and then guffawed at your initial hesitation and were proud of your success (or at least the fact that you went ahead and did it)
  • Play that movie over and over in your head (savoring the goodness) and then decide to try something new – at work, in sport, with your friends/family
  • And don’t give up if it doesn’t go exactly right the first time, because it likely won’t be perfect, and giving up slots you in with the mediocre group, and who wants that?

Stay tuned for the second and third key untaught skills that are coming soon…