Dental Town

There are 2 things Im always interested in when visiting my good friend the dentist:

  • Feedback (how did I do since I was last here?)
  • Lessons (what can I do better – to make each dentist visit less harsh?)

I’ve mostly liked my dentists and hygienists, but find they dont give up much info while Im there (and theyre not the ones with a mouth full of instruments)

These 2 things are valuable to me at the dentist office, but also very much so in life in general:

  • Feedback: Positive or negative, I want it! (Should I be showing off my pearly whites, or should I be psyching myself up for the drill?)
  • Lessons: I want to get better – at brushing and at life. Im not content with status quo. Im striving to get better and need your help. (Im not quite as smart as I look!)