Your beautiful familiarity

I went to a Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony performance called Broadway 1959 last year

The symphony was great and I really liked the addition of the 3 singers that performed along with them

I do admit though that I got more enjoyment from the songs that I knew than the songs I didnt know; This is pretty standard human behavior

The same is true with travel; A conversation is always more interesting to us when people are talking about a place that weve actually been to (And its equally less interesting when theyre laughing and reminiscing about a place that weve not been and it means nothing to us)


I have a simple rule: The more you experience, the more you enjoy life

Ive seen it fully validated with myself, and with numerous others

So get out and experience all you can

Youll not only enjoy more of life, but youll very likely be: smarter, wiser, more accepting, more employable, more open-minded, and even sought after

All good things




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