David O’Hagan

I love revolutionary thinking. And I love those people that don’t just talk about revolutionary ideas, but actually go out and do something about it. I love loving. We need more if it.

Below is detail on me.

  • In summary
    • I have pursued dreams, struggled, created opportunities from negativity, and found my passion in empowering people to live richly, professionally and personally
      • My extensive journey in search of my own life purpose has taught me a great deal about embracing life and living it to the fullest, regardless of the circumstances
      • Now that I’ve found my purpose, I want to help others proactively grab hold of life and achieve all that they dream
      • My coaching and consulting leverages my diverse experience, knowledge, and exposure (to a wide array of cultures, insights, lifestyles, intellectuals, as well as pain and suffering) to help you chart a course of clarity, efficiency, growth, and profound happiness by going after and achieving your dreams
  • My purpose in life
    • To help people start revolutions and get engaged
      • Personal revolutions where a person proactively seeks to take their life to a new level of purpose and fulfillment, and
      • Professional revolutions where a person challenges and motivates their team or themselves to be the industry leader through the achievement of unprecedented levels of service to the people
    • My passion is to empower people to not just be their best, but to redefine their perspective on life (professionally and personally) and seek and embrace new levels of fulfillment, for themselves and others
    • I thrive on challenging people to break free from the status quo and society’s conservative ways
  • My values (Six things that are now a filter for everything I do and every decision I make)
    • God first
    • Serve others
    • Learning/Growth
    • Authenticity
    • Creativity
    • Joy/Fun
  • My formal training (Learn as much as possible)
    • Coaching (The Institute for Life Coaching Training, USA)
      • Excellent Christian-based curriculum that focused on leveraging the powerful client/coach relationship to bring out the best in people to live lives that honor their core values
    • International MBA (EDHEC Business School, France)
      • Fantastic experience working with 40 other people from 20 different nationalities (in a gorgeous location) and learning as much from fellow classmates as the instructors themselves
    • Dale Carnegie Course (Dale Carnegie Training, USA)
      • Wonderful ‘Effective Communications & Human Relations’ course that explored human behavior and interaction at a personal and professional level
      • Learned a great deal about myself as well as superior communication skills
      • Completed the course a second time as a ‘Graduate Assistant’ which reinforced the principles as well as allowed me to assist others with their own development and growth
    • BA Economics (The University of Western Ontario, Canada)
      • Well-rounded undergraduate program where I also got involved in many extracurricular activities such as sports and business clubs and other activities
  • My informal training (Experience and learn from diversity)
    • I love immersing myself in foreign cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs which nearly always provides thought-provoking conversations and ideas that often make you make you pause and question the origin of your beliefs (all in a good way!)
    • I have lived in 5 countries (Canada, USA, England, France, Australia)
    • I have visited nearly 30 countries
    • Some of my greatest happiness comes from meeting new people and learning about their lives, cultures, struggles, and victories
    • Volunteering (embers, Tenth Avenue Church, Discovery Church Men’s Ministry, the amazing Give Kids The World,  The Working Centre, competitive sports, elementary school) has taught me heaps about selflessness, love, compassion, fellowship, and finding joy in trying circumstances
    • I’ve always loved coaching and instructing sports (alpine ski racing, water skiing, windsurfing, Ultimate Frisbee, etc) since it is a great way to help others learn, but even more powerfully it wonderfully breaks down barriers to expose a more genuine person
    • I love art and art appreciation for the creativity and interpretation elements, whether it be myself painting, visiting a famous museum, or observing life from a outdoor cafe
  • My personal skills (Make the most out of what you’ve been given)
    • Excellent listener (Absolutely love hearing about others lives, experiences, challenges, dreams)
    • Huge curiosity to learn about others
    • Love to be challenged and to challenge others to embrace creative and revolutionary thinking
    • See the good in everyone
    • Highly analytical (Love to understand how things work and why people act/react the way they do)
    • Continual thirst for knowledge and growth
    • Outlook
      • Good at big picture viewing (Can breakdown and analyze situations and present reconstruct them in a clear manner)
      • Very logically-minded
      • Visionary/Innovative thinker and solution seeker
      • Good at reframing (putting positive spin on others’ belief)
      • Turn problems into opportunities and see good in all situations
  • My personality
    • Highly positive/enthusiastic
    • Strive to be unconventional whenever possible
    • Wake up in the morning excited to experience new things
    • Passionate and driven to make a difference in this world through for as many people as possible
    • Love meeting new people and learning about culture, beliefs, background, etc
    • Love to spend time with people exploring life and human nature
    • Love to be challenged and think intellectually
    • Passionately open-minded and empathetic
    • Laid back, but will not hesitate to light a fire under people to achieve more
    • See failure as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • My past struggles (I sympathize with my peers who…)
    • Had no significant mentoring/direction during high school and university
    • Chose educational focus and career direction based on popular options at the time, rather than what I really wanted to do
      • Chose an undergraduate degree in Political Science (something I have minimal interest in) before changing to Economics (which seemed like good idea at the time, although economics was not something I had an interest in learning)
    • Lacked a defined focus growing up that led to drifting between different jobs and career paths
      • For 6 years I worked in a variety of jobs and industries in different countries trying to find something that really fulfilled me
      • Had some interesting positions, but none where I was inspired and driven
    • Have felt unchallenged and undervalued in previous jobs
    • Felt frustration with society and job market
      • Experienced disappointment (and sometimes even disgust) with the lack of respect and morality, especially among the youth today
      • Was told on a multiple occasions that the business climate was slow and there were no jobs
    • Felt I had no idea what my purpose in life was and didn’t know how to go about finding it
      • Both frustrating and liberating since I discovered I really wanted and needed more from life and my career, yet for a period of time struggled to figure out what that was
  • My positive sacrifices (There is undoubtedly something to be learned from every situation)
    • Sacrificed career progress and retirement savings to escape the traditional career path to travel and work abroad
      • Met incredible people, made some amazing friendships, and experienced multiple cultures
      • Had one of the best times of my life and wouldn’t have done it any differently since it had a significant impact on who I am today, as well as played an important role in my passion to help others
      • The experiences abroad not only enhanced my appreciation for people, culture, and diversity, but also enhanced my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues at home

My journey thus far

A number of years ago I decided that I didn’t want to lead a boring life. Since then I’ve traveled extensively, lived and worked abroad and put significant effort into leading a not-so-average life. I often got funny looks from people, some laughing with me, some laughing at me, but regardless I’m quite happy that my life isn’t average.

Part of my quest for this life has resulted in the fact although I’m a happy person, I was never usually fulfilled for very long. Thus leading me to continually try new things, live in new places, and meet new people. While shirking the traditional career path I sacrificed career progress, growth of retirement savings, as well as an opportunity to build strong relationships by continually moving. But I did meet some incredible people, made some amazing friendships, while experiencing dynamic cultures. All the while broadening my perspective on life and its vibrancy.

My exposure to diversity in people and culture fed my desire and love of understanding (or an attempt to improve my understanding!) of people.

So now, above all else, I’ve got a profound fascination for people. And on top of that, an incredible desire to help people both discovery their true purpose in life, as well as aggressively take proactive steps to fulfill it.

People have differing degrees of passion and happiness in their lives. And people ultimately spend differing amounts of time focusing on themselves and their dreams. I’ve been down a long and winding road and have discovered mine and now have a mission to help others recognize their full potential and go after it with passion.