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Potentially profound positivity

A few years ago, I tweeted: “What if for one day people were incapable of thinking, acting, and speaking negatively?

Reactions, perhaps not surprisingly, ranged from “how wonderful!” to “yeah right.

For the most part, the responses seemed a very clear indicator of a person’s perspective on life

If their response was positive, they seemed to be a generally positive person

If the response was negative, their overall perspective on life seemed to trend towards the negative





The positive responders are easy to be around and generally good fun

While the negative responders are a challenge, although an interesting one

They’re a challenge in two ways:

  1. To understand the likely complex nature and twisting pathway of how they got to where they were (I’m guessing as babies they were as smiley and adorable as the positive guys)
  2. To figure out how they could actually be swayed from negative to more positive

Some might respond that getting involved with the negative responders is none of my business, however I think it is

I believe the world itself is capable of an overall shift from negative to positive

And the result of that, well, would be phenomenal (more smiles, more encouragement, move love, more peace)


And if you make it a little of your business, we could, you know, change the world

A lofty goal for sure, but without challenge, life can begin to get dull (and possibly even lead to negativity!)




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I’ll take the unconventional please

I’ve never really liked conventional things

I’m not a fan of conventional holidays, titles, and photographs

I’m also certainly not the most unconventional person out there (Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss nicely break the mold of conventional approaches and views)

Which is good for me, because I can strive to be more like them by following their lead and learning from them

It’s often our nature to be envious of those that are better than us – at whatever it is we want to be

But we can also allow these opportunities to motivate us rather than generate jealousy

And to those people that are very good at things – whether it be breaking the status quo or finely perfecting it – keep up the good work and strive on, you’re an inspiration and you help us all ultimately achieve new levels of success




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Do you like me?

I love smoothies and was at a Boost Juice shop in the UK early one morning

The girl that took my order and made my smoothie was very friendly

So friendly that I was curious as to whether she was simply a good employee and was like this with all the customers (I didn’t have an opportunity to hang around and see), or whether, you know, she liked me (Ok, so I’m certainly not under the belief that a woman that smiles at me is into me, but I do know that there is more than one type of smile)

I could have asked her after she served me the smoothie (but didn’t)

It might have been awkward if she in fact was the good smiling employee and I was just another customer, or we perhaps could have gone for a coffee later that evening

Either way, inquiring of her, rather than questioning it in my head, would have very likely solved my little mystery


Now the reason for her smile isn’t a matter of serious significance, however the same scenario can apply to much more serious issues in life

Asking questions can often bring forth good information, yet we often don’t ask

Some people are gun shy since they’ve been shot down too many times (not exclusively related to love and affection), whereas some people are just shy

Some people are better than others at asking, while it can be those same people that have been shot down that have learned to cope with less information

Communication and information should be flowing back and forth far more than it does, giving us excellent opportunities to learn how to handle the truth (good and bad) as well learn to become better people


We need to break down some of the complexity we surround ourselves with and get back to a more simple life in this regard, like that of children (they have no hesitation telling another person that they like them)

As a Canadian, I come from culture that is relatively reserved and doesn’t always speak their mind

Maybe it’s because of this upbringing that I love it when people tell me the way it is, positive or negative (I crave opportunities to be told of something I’m not doing right so I can could improve upon it)


One of my primary goals in life is to simply become a better person

As a result I want your feedback, thanks

Its not always something that I want to hear (who doesn’t want to hear praise?!), but its for the betterment of us all if you share it with me


If you and I have a relationship, let’s talk. I want to know more.

If you don’t like what I’ve written here, let’s talk. I want to learn more.

Hey world, let’s talk.

Life is far too short.




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Positive minuses

Over the last number of years Ive removed things from my life, all for the positive


Less light: Use candles, theyre tantalisingly peaceful

Less negative people: At times unfortunate for those that you leave behind, but a brilliant gain for you

Less sugar: Not hard to wean off of across the board, with nice health benefits

Less driving: Easily boosts general calmness

Less ad-hoc planning: Bigger picture planning minimises the need for less-effective on-the-fly planning

Less worry: Its excellent how switching out a negative thought for a positive one brings a greater peace

Less smoking: So Ive not smoked before, but have seen good positive change in people that have quit

Less TV: Filling those hours with other desirable pursuits is relatively easy and so much more satisfying


As always, developing any habit (good or bad) takes practice, but with persistence and grit you can successfully get whatever you want (whether it be more or less)


Less is more



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I want to us to be happy

I want to be your happiest customer.

But youre making it difficult for me.

My attempts at conversation are rarely acknowledged.

Your responses and greetings are often neutral at best.

My suggestions for improvements have no established channel and are perceived as odd.

But this is your business and Im confused.

Poor economy you say? Tough to find good people? This is your opportunity man.

When things are good, its easy to sit back and rest on your laurels.

But real success comes when overcoming challenge. Embrace that.

Take on the challenge to find good people. Inspire them. They might just inspire others (including me).

I do want you to succeed.




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