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High school volunteer

High school was an interesting time

The things that a high school student respects in their peers at the time can appear to be quite different than when adults

Top athletes definitely deserve some honor, but popularity in and of itself shouldn’t really garner a whole lot of respect


And how different things are now as an adult

I may still respect a person that earns attention and popularity among peers, but one of biggest respect drivers for me today are those people that really give themselves to others, in a selfless manner

I could/would have grown to respect those that volunteered way back in high school, but it really wasn’t prevalent at the time

While classes were largely boring and contained little in the way of personal development and inspiration (academically or otherwise)

It’s definitely a shame that a ripe opportunity to instill the positive skills and mindset that come from volunteering in a young mind is often largely missed

It’s definitely not too late, but as an adult volunteering of one’s time is often limited to bits of free time scattered here and there


Introducing volunteering into young peoples’ lives would:

  • teach them valuable life skills
  • expose them to selfless thinking at a time where they’re more open-minded
  • benefit us all – those that receive help, those that volunteer, and those that are inspired by their efforts




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Do you like me?

I love smoothies and was at a Boost Juice shop in the UK early one morning

The girl that took my order and made my smoothie was very friendly

So friendly that I was curious as to whether she was simply a good employee and was like this with all the customers (I didn’t have an opportunity to hang around and see), or whether, you know, she liked me (Ok, so I’m certainly not under the belief that a woman that smiles at me is into me, but I do know that there is more than one type of smile)

I could have asked her after she served me the smoothie (but didn’t)

It might have been awkward if she in fact was the good smiling employee and I was just another customer, or we perhaps could have gone for a coffee later that evening

Either way, inquiring of her, rather than questioning it in my head, would have very likely solved my little mystery


Now the reason for her smile isn’t a matter of serious significance, however the same scenario can apply to much more serious issues in life

Asking questions can often bring forth good information, yet we often don’t ask

Some people are gun shy since they’ve been shot down too many times (not exclusively related to love and affection), whereas some people are just shy

Some people are better than others at asking, while it can be those same people that have been shot down that have learned to cope with less information

Communication and information should be flowing back and forth far more than it does, giving us excellent opportunities to learn how to handle the truth (good and bad) as well learn to become better people


We need to break down some of the complexity we surround ourselves with and get back to a more simple life in this regard, like that of children (they have no hesitation telling another person that they like them)

As a Canadian, I come from culture that is relatively reserved and doesn’t always speak their mind

Maybe it’s because of this upbringing that I love it when people tell me the way it is, positive or negative (I crave opportunities to be told of something I’m not doing right so I can could improve upon it)


One of my primary goals in life is to simply become a better person

As a result I want your feedback, thanks

Its not always something that I want to hear (who doesn’t want to hear praise?!), but its for the betterment of us all if you share it with me


If you and I have a relationship, let’s talk. I want to know more.

If you don’t like what I’ve written here, let’s talk. I want to learn more.

Hey world, let’s talk.

Life is far too short.




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I need confidence (and production)

Most days we are bombarded with offers to buy, to donate, to volunteer

I like to think of myself as a giving person, both personally and professionally, and also like to think my track record here is decent

I still though have a long way to go to reach my ideal state of giving, but thats what life is for; And I like the challenge


Ive come to realise that in order for me to open up my wallet, or calendar, or mind – I need to be wowed

Confident people always impress me (I detest arrogance, but love confidence)

Im much more likely to give (and happily give) if the requestor is both confident and polished in their pitch

It doesnt necessarily need to be an expensive production (the charity, the church, the event), but some practice and a bit of production never hurts


This need to be wowed also carries over into the rest of my life (and probably yours)

I lean towards spending time with people that are confident in what they do, and even more so in what they want (You?)

It puzzles and saddens me when people respond “I don’t know” to the question “What do you want to do with your life?

I want to work with and partner with people that know what theyre doing and can carry it off (I have no problem with Fake it till you make it)

And if the person is excited about what theyre doing (their job, their charity, their future), this will seal the deal for me




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