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Current state of affairs

When was the last time you refreshed your CV (or resume)? Two years ago? Just before you got into your current position?


Two reasons why you should get on that:

  1. Obvious one: You’re ready to take on a promotion or new role (within the current company or at another company)
    1. Keeping your resume current allows you to nimbly apply for both new positions within your organization and ones outside
    2. In the unfortunate situation where you lose your current job, its one less thing to have to do to kick-start the job search process again (and it’s a nice psychological relief to have that already taken care of)
  2. Less obvious one (but even better reason): Assess where you’re currently at career-wise in your current role
    1. It’s easy to get drawn into the day-to-day work of your current role and suddenly months and at times years have passed
    2. Your job may be going well, however it’s also quite possibly your head-down approach has allowed you to miss out on fruitful opportunities
    3. Updating your CV, due to the nature of it being a high-level summary of your current and past roles, is a great opportunity to get a sense of what you’ve achieved, what more you’d like to do, and areas where you definitely want to do more


Curriculum Vitae


It’s definitely worth spending an hour (even better splitting that across 2-3 sessions) to get your CV up to date


You’ll likely have a couple of reactions when you’re finished:

  1. A fine smile after reflecting on how you’ve had some nice achievements
  2. A good boost to step back and re-establish some strong goals and milestones for the upcoming year




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I’ll take the unconventional please

I’ve never really liked conventional things

I’m not a fan of conventional holidays, titles, and photographs

I’m also certainly not the most unconventional person out there (Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss nicely break the mold of conventional approaches and views)

Which is good for me, because I can strive to be more like them by following their lead and learning from them

It’s often our nature to be envious of those that are better than us – at whatever it is we want to be

But we can also allow these opportunities to motivate us rather than generate jealousy

And to those people that are very good at things – whether it be breaking the status quo or finely perfecting it – keep up the good work and strive on, you’re an inspiration and you help us all ultimately achieve new levels of success




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I’m still malleable

I love how we as humans are so adaptable, even as we get older


I’ve never been a morning person and would also typically stay up fairly late at night (even feeling energised at around 11pm)

I recently joined the 5am Club and in a very short time I’m already good with getting up at 5am (albeit not always jumping out of bed with a great big smile)

But I’m also already quite comfortable going to bed at a considerably earlier hour than I used to; It has now become the new norm in a very short time




Most of us don’t give ourselves credit for what we can achieve when we apply a little motivation, persistence, and grit

(And the really cool thing is that with every little (or big) success we have, we’re just a little more motivated and excited for the next challenge)




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I need confidence (and production)

Most days we are bombarded with offers to buy, to donate, to volunteer

I like to think of myself as a giving person, both personally and professionally, and also like to think my track record here is decent

I still though have a long way to go to reach my ideal state of giving, but thats what life is for; And I like the challenge


Ive come to realise that in order for me to open up my wallet, or calendar, or mind – I need to be wowed

Confident people always impress me (I detest arrogance, but love confidence)

Im much more likely to give (and happily give) if the requestor is both confident and polished in their pitch

It doesnt necessarily need to be an expensive production (the charity, the church, the event), but some practice and a bit of production never hurts


This need to be wowed also carries over into the rest of my life (and probably yours)

I lean towards spending time with people that are confident in what they do, and even more so in what they want (You?)

It puzzles and saddens me when people respond “I don’t know” to the question “What do you want to do with your life?

I want to work with and partner with people that know what theyre doing and can carry it off (I have no problem with Fake it till you make it)

And if the person is excited about what theyre doing (their job, their charity, their future), this will seal the deal for me




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Taxi philosophy

I had a good conversation with a friendly Indonesian taxi driver recently; He talked proudly of his family, and his and their life in Australia

He then suddenly threw out his philosophy on life: Don’t look to those that have more than us because we’ll always want more; Instead look to those that have less and be thankful

This is basically the same concept as Sarah Macdonald in her enjoyable book Holy Cow

I quite liked the book when I read it a number of years ago and had pondered this approach to life for a while, agreeing with it to some degree but there was also something in it that didn’t sit quite right with me

As I thought about it again in the taxi, I said no; An even better approach is to not simply look to those that have less, but put forward an effort to help them

This, my new Indonesian family man friend, is even more rewarding




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