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Be back

So after a long hiatus Im back with a new passion to discuss, dream, and evangelise for the rich life

Over the last two-plus years I’ve met some excellent people, both professionally and personally

Have traveled extensively in North American and abroad

Had a milestone birthday

Moved continents

Been moved by some brilliant people

And am even more convinced that the richest life here on earth is the one where you fervently give it all away (time, money, energy…)

Im currently cultivating a number of ideas and projects both in formal and informal areas and look forward to communication and collaboration

Thanks very much to those that have come into my life in various ways over the past couple years and earlier, and for those that I will meet going forward


I started this blog back in 2006 as an outlet to share my views, experiences, and ideas, ideally causing people to stop and think, and then act

The format then was bullet points (I like full sentences even less 6 years on) and ended the posts with a ‘practically speaking’ bit

I still fully embrace exploring concepts and ideas, but always seek to tie in a practical element, so we don’t just ponder but also act

I am though abandoning the ‘practically speaking’ element while posts will often be shorter than in the past, but even more to the point (and largely without punctuation; Im still a minimalist!)


To a rich life. Don’t stop seeking people and projects that energize you!


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