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I’ll take the unconventional please

I’ve never really liked conventional things

I’m not a fan of conventional holidays, titles, and photographs

I’m also certainly not the most unconventional person out there (Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss nicely break the mold of conventional approaches and views)

Which is good for me, because I can strive to be more like them by following their lead and learning from them

It’s often our nature to be envious of those that are better than us – at whatever it is we want to be

But we can also allow these opportunities to motivate us rather than generate jealousy

And to those people that are very good at things – whether it be breaking the status quo or finely perfecting it – keep up the good work and strive on, you’re an inspiration and you help us all ultimately achieve new levels of success




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I’m still malleable

I love how we as humans are so adaptable, even as we get older


I’ve never been a morning person and would also typically stay up fairly late at night (even feeling energised at around 11pm)

I recently joined the 5am Club and in a very short time I’m already good with getting up at 5am (albeit not always jumping out of bed with a great big smile)

But I’m also already quite comfortable going to bed at a considerably earlier hour than I used to; It has now become the new norm in a very short time




Most of us don’t give ourselves credit for what we can achieve when we apply a little motivation, persistence, and grit

(And the really cool thing is that with every little (or big) success we have, we’re just a little more motivated and excited for the next challenge)




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