On one occasion I consulted David when my position was eliminated and an opportunity presented itself to go to Hawaii for 7 weeks for nothing more than fun and relaxation. Having a type A personality, my immediate reaction was to get working on the job search and not stop until suitable employment was found. David could feel that I wanted to go but that I struggled to accept that this ‘irresponsible’ decision was something I could do and enjoy. If he had not gently nudged me outside my comfort zone I would have missed out on one of the greatest experiences in my life, instead spending 7 weeks unemployed in snowy Toronto.

Toronto, ON

David's coaching has proven very beneficial to me. I have been working through a turning point in my career for several months and he has helped me identify and clarify specifically what is truly important to me.
The results have helped me focus my energies and maximize my time. His persistent optimism and insight has been refreshing and encouraging throughout. Coaching sessions with David are always challenging and exploratory, but the results are energizing and worth the effort.
As an airline pilot I appreciate David's focus on the destination, as well as the vector and course corrections he encourages along the journey. I would recommend David to anyone who is serious about focusing their energies to create a more effective and fulfilling life.

Cincinnati, OH

No matter if you’re a CEO or a single mom like me, David can help you achieve your goals. I was stuck and found myself spinning my wheels for years. Like many people, I thought that if I worked hard enough the payoffs would certainly come. The only thing I found was that I was exhausted with very little to show for my efforts. With David’s guidance and support, he has helped me devise a plan to work towards my goals. His techniques are not based on complicated methods, but rather simple, measurable and personally tailored techniques that REALLY get results. Since working with David, I’ve lost weight, joined a networking group in order to find more meaningful employment, and started writing again. Doors are opening up for me and I’m excited to walk through them!

Toronto, ON

I began working with David at a time when I had a number of ideas about where I wanted to direct my life personally and professionally, but wasn't sure where to start. Our discussions helped me rationalize and prioritize, getting me from a point of overload to a point of focus and forward momentum.

Vancouver, BC

Coaching helped me breakdown what felt like an overwhelming life change into small manageable pieces. This allowed me to focus on each piece of the puzzle one bit at a time. I love how David uses a variety of tools and listening skills to draw out the answers that lay within me. David believes in what he does and his passion for people is inspiring. He genuinely cares, wants to see you succeed, and will hold you accountable.

Orlando, FL

I met David O’Hagan in early 2007 where he was a volunteer coach at a Peak Potentials Training event and was drawn to him because of his business name, Red Sky Coaching. My husband and I decided to hire David when we got tired of putting things off again and again. We felt we were very busy however we celebrated our first wedding anniversary without a wedding album nor a wedding video, we had not played volleyball since our wedding, nor had we gone to the gym for the past 6 months. In addition to our current jobs, we were busy getting involved in investment opportunities; however we also wanted a balanced life.

We soon came to see that coaching works well by having a third party hold you accountable to your commitments as well as offer fresh perspective to your situation or project. We hired David to work with us specifically to help me squeeze more productivity out of my time as well as develop my financial coaching career. Within a few weeks, David had helped us make progress in all the areas we wanted, but even more excitingly he helped my husband discover his passion of music and helped open up doors of endless possibilities!

Burnaby, BC

I want to say a thank you to you for your services. When I sought you out, I was really uncertain of where my life was going in terms of work. I thought that I had a good handle on the leisure, and my values seemed clear to me too, but I knew I needed help with the rest of it. Turns out I needed help with all of it, and working with you helped me realize it. I now know which way I want to point my life. I have a good sense of what's important and how to move towards it, and I'm confident that I can get there. I think that the most valuable part of your services, for me, was holding me accountable to do some thinking about issues that I would otherwise have avoided. I'm not at all good at "taking stock" and setting goals, and working with you forced me to do those things. In the process, I started to care about them and find a way to focus on them for myself, not just because we had a session coming up. Thanks for getting me started on the right path with a new business, and for helping me figure out what to do next!

Ottawa, ON

I met David through a non-profit business program, and am very thankful to have had him as my coach! David helped me see my own potential, and I benefited greatly from his guidance. He eased me into various tasks to help me move along in my business, but at the same time helped push me past my own fears. He is a wonderful coach who always has new ideas and challenges.

Vancouver, BC

After trying to get into a highly competitive industry for nearly 10 years, Red Sky Coaching + Consulting gave me the lift I needed. I found the session with Roberta and David really informative and helpful, but most importantly I felt revitalized and filled with positivity and this definitely comes across in my voice and attitude. Seeing my interview performance on video has really stayed in my mind since and helps me to switch out of bad habits from the beginning to the end of each interview or meeting I undertake. I can visually see how this change in mindset makes a big difference to the reception I receive and the results have been amazing.

Vancouver, BC

The Red Sky Coaching leadership training program has had a significant impact on our management team and really empowered them to be leaders instead of simply managers. The one-on-one coaching sessions combined with the group workshops was very effective in ensuring that the staff not only learn new leadership skills and knowledge, but also apply it to their role specifically. The real-life role-play scenarios in every workshop effectively drove home the concepts and practices for the participants.

We continue to receive positive feedback from all levels of management and would recommend this customizable training program to any organization interested in truly empowering their management to become powerful leaders and communicators.

Vancouver, BC